• Body Talk FZE Abu Dhabi
  • Body Talk is a bespoke fitness and nutrition company. We tailor each fitness and meal plan to the individual, because we recognise and appreciate individuality. Each program is based on current fitness and lifestyle habits, commute to and from work, time allocated for meal preparation, experience with created balanced meals and creativity to turn healthy into exciting and tasty. We don’t target specifics, because no two people are the same.

    BodyTalk is for men in Abu Dhabi here on single status, away from your families and your wives cooking and aren’t sure how to eat healthy and lack motivation for the gym.

    BodyTalk is for new moms wanting to get back in shape and housewives who have little to do while your kids are at school and want to spend some time and money on yourself..

    BodyTalk is for those who have recently received bad health markers from their GP and found that as a motivator to get health rather than taking a prescription.

    BodyTalk is for people already into fitness but lack the inspiration for healthy meal planning…

  • http://www.bodytalk.ae/about.html