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Keep In Great Shape During Your Pregnancy And After With Specialist Personal Training For Ladies In Abu Dhabi

Staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy in Abu Dhabi is great for mother and for baby too. Chiara can provide specialist training for pre and post natal ladies using safe exercise methods that can be done at home. Chiara is also a female fitness expert and can help with weight loss, boding toning and more.

PreNatal PostNatal Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi For Ladies - Coach Chiara
Personal Trainer location: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi

About Abu Dhabi PT Chiara

Training safely during pregnancy can be beneficial to both mother and baby. In Abu Dhabi, Chiara provides specialist and safe personal training programs for pregnant women who want to keep in great shape during and after have their baby.

Prenatal exercise is a specialist area so you need to make sure your personal training program is provided by an expert who has many years of experience in training ladies. With more than 14 years training experience Chiara is an expert.

As well as pre and post natal training Chiara can help women include their fitness levels, lose weight or tone their physique through a variety of different exercise methods.

For women who have no experience when it comes to exercise she will guide you on what the best types of exercise are for your fitness goals. If you need diet and nutrition advice this can be provided too.

Training with Chiara can be done in the comfort of your own home in Abu Dhabi or you can use other locations that are convenient to you.

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Chiara's PT Qualifications & Certificates

UAE REPS Certification
CYQ Level 3 Ante Post Natal Fitness Instructing
Personal Trainer certified by CONI (ITALIAN OLIMPIC COMMETTEE)
Integration Between Food and workout certified by CONI-Non-Solo Fitness
First Aid Certificate

How Will PT Chiara Help You?

Chiara helps pregnant ladies from all over Abu Dhabi get in shape and stay in shape during and after their pregnancy.

During all trimesters it is perfectly safe to train and exercise in moderation but when pregnant you should always train with a professional. This is because the kind of exercise you can do safely during your 1st trimester will be different from the types of exercise you can do during your 3rd trimester.

Chiara knows the best exercise types to use and will ensure your safety and that of your baby are always a priority.

Even if you’ve never exercises before her programs are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Eating well during your pregnancy is also something to consider and Chiara can provide excellent nutrition advice.

If you want to make sure you stay in great shape in all stages of your pregnancy in Abu Dhabi speak with Chiara and her personalised 1-2-1 prenatal personal training programs.

Additional Information

Training & Exercise Methods Used

Chiara has more than 15 years experience in training ladies for optimal health and fitness. As part of her coaching programs she regularly uses:


  • HIIT
  • Circuits
  • BodyWeight Exercises
  • Aerobic Exercises
  • Cycling
  • Functional Training
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Flexibility

Exercise & Training Kit I Use

The type of training kit used during your PT session will vary depending on your overall fitness goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice?

Yes, if diet nutrition advice are needed for you to reach your fitness goals this can be provided.

Do I Need Exercise Equipment?

If you train at home in Abu Dhabi no fitness equipment is needed or required.

Can You Train At My Gym?

You can take your ladies fitness coaching sessions at home, your local gym or outdoors.

Contact Coach Chiara

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