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Personal Training & Group Fitness Coaching In Kuwait - Boxing, Kickboxing, Weight Management, Strength

Personal training and group fitness coaching in Kuwait for men, women and children. Boxing coaching, kickboxing, weight loss coaching and cardio fitness programs for beginner and advanced.

Kuwait Personal Trainer Mark
Personal Trainer location: Kuwait

About Kuwait PT Mark

Mark is a father of 2 kids and has been living in Kuwait for the past 19 years.

He became a Fitness Coach after he quit smoking. As a personal trainer his goal is to help his clients with many different fitness needs and goals which include boxing for fitness, kickboxing, weight loss and nutrition advice and much more.

His passion is boxing and lifting weights, concentrating on strength training and body toning.

He is personally passionate about living an active lifestyle and he aims to influence his clients as their new identity.

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Mark's PT Qualifications & Certificates

Personal Training Level 3
Fitness Instruction Gym Based Level 2
Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1
Certified Strength and Conditioning Therapy Coach
Certified Online Trainer
Certified Boxing Level 1

How Will PT Mark Help You?

Mark has trained clients in Kuwait for the past 9 years, primarily men who are professionals, executives, and businessmen.

He understands the demands of leading a busy lifestyle with careers or families commitments.

This is why Kuwait PT Mark personalises his coaching clients training methods based on their current lifestyles, fitness level, and personalities.

His training philosophy is a client-centered approach. This means he can adjust his training style to what the clients can do without compromising their results.

His personal training style and methods revolve around lifting weights and boxing.

Mark believes that everyone can be in great shape if they keep lifting weights and doing cardio that they enjoy.

When it comes to food intake or nutrition Mark believes moderation is the key to sustaining it.

Additional Information

Training & Exercise Methods Used

Mark uses a variety of exercise methods in Kuwait depending on his personal training clients goals. This includes:


  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Muay Thai for Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Muscle Building
Exercise & Training Kit I Use

When training with Mark you will be using different items of exercise equipment based on your fitness goals in Kuwait. This includes:


  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Kicking Pads
  • Mitts Pads
  • Strength Training Machines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice?

Mark does provide nutrition advice to his client.

Macros partitioning based on clients’ goal loss fat or gain muscle or maintenance

Carbs % recommendation
Protein % recommendation
Fat % recommendation

Do I Need Exercise Equipment?

If you train at home in Kuwait you will not need any special training equipment.

Can You Train At My Gym?

If your gym allows access to freelance personal trainers in Kuwait you can train there. Otherwise there are other location where you can workout, including your home.

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