Kingsley – Personal Trainer In Dubai

Expert Training Programs In Dubai For Weight Loss, Muscle Building & Cardio Endurance

Dubai PT Kingsley is an expert coach who can help with all aspects of fitness including diet, fitness and lifestyle advice to make a positive change to your health and fitness.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coaching In Dubai with PT Kingsley
Personal Trainer location: UAE
City: Dubai
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About Dubai PT Kingsley

Dubai PT Kingsley, has been actively involved in the fitness industry for more than 6 years and has experience of working with many different clients with very different needs and goals.

His coaching programs, which can include face-to-face and online coaching can be done at any time and in the comfort of your own home in Dubai or elsewhere.

Kingsley is an expert when it comes to accessing your needs and providing you with the right personal training program to enable you reach your fitness goals.

He can also provide you with excellent nutrition advice as part of your private coaching program.

Coach Kingsley provides you with a complete consultation and will analyze it carefully, checking your fitness levels, see what your body status is by checking your weight, height, body fat percentage muscle mass, water percentage as well as your body shape.

Kingsley, will use this information to create and design a workout routine and diet programs that will be based on your special goals and focus on the area of your body that you want to in improve whether that is weight loss, body toning, gaining more muscle for a defined look or improving your cardio fitness through HIIT and other workouts.

Kingsley is a Motivational coach who will work hard to make sure you achieve your fitness goals, he understands how our body type is different and how it play a big role during exercise, he understands how important it is to make his clients feel comfortable during workout and follow up on them after workout.

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Kingsley's PT Qualifications & Certificates

Certified Active IQ level 3 diploma gym instructing and personnel training
Diploma in physical fitness
CPR, AED and first Aid certificate
REPS Registered

How Will PT Kingsley Help You?

Dubai PT Kingsley is an fitness trainer that can work with many clients who have different training and fitness goals. He specialises in fat loss programs, muscles building programs, body conditioning programs and more.

He has a diploma in physical fitness and ACTIVE IQ LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN GYM INSTRUCTING AND PERSONNEL TRAINING and is REPS Registered.

As a professional fitness coach, Kingsley is passionate about being fit and it makes him happy when helping his clients to shape their body and live a healthy lifestyle.

He provides a full service program and knows that no two clients have the same fitness needs ability or fitness level and goals. He also appreciates that some client will need more motivation than others.


Additional Information

This depends on your training goals in Dubai and often includes:

  • Building lean muscles
  • Fat loss
  • Core & Abs strength
  • HIIT
  • Physical improvement
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength training
  • Group training

Kingsley has experience in working on many different training machines and various other items of exercise equipment, this includes:

  • Body weight
  • Free weights
  • Training machines
  • TRX
  • Kettebells

My Availability Times

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, nutrition advice can be provided to accompany your personal training program in Dubai.

If you train at home Kingsley can provide basic training equipment on the day.

If your gym allows you to train with a freelance personal trainer in Dubai you can take your sessions there. Otherwise there are other locations that can be used.

Contact Coach Kingsley

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Kingsley's Articles & Personal Fitness Tips

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