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Advanced Personal Training In Dubai - Nutrition Coaching - Strength & Body Conditioning

Advanced personal training and nutrition advice are the key to Kat's personal training and fitness coaching programs in Dubai. Whether you have never trained before or need some help pushing yourself harder he can help with customised, 1-2-1 fitness programs designed to provide excellent results.

Professional Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching in Dubai with Coach Kat Ibrahim
Personal Trainer location: UAE
City: Dubai

About Dubai PT Kat

Based in Dubai, Kat Ibrahim is a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer (fitness coach) who holds a diploma in personal training and is a fully registered member of Reps UAE. His experience in the fitness industry spans more than 12 years, during which time he has accumulated a vast amount of experience in training clients with very different needs, goals and starting fitness levels.

Kat is an all-round fitness expert who specialises in helping clients transform their physique and fitness levels through functional training, strength and conditioning, weight and fat loss programs and basic boxing for fitness.

Kat has helped transform people’s lives for the better through fitness and healthy eating habits. Nothing pleases him more than to see the clients he has coached develop their understanding of healthy living and ultimately reach and exceed their fitness goals.

For Kat, fitness is a way of life which he believes is the key to a healthy and longer life. Our bodies are naturally designed to move for proper functioning but in the modern world with daily commitments, a sedentary lifestyle and other commitments it can be difficult to stay in shape.

This is why Kat can help, all his PT programs are customised to his clients needs and their schedule – developing workouts for body strength, endurance, physical fitness, mobility and flexibility while achieving the best body shape.


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Kat's PT Qualifications & Certificates

Diploma in personal training
Strength and Conditioning Certificate
First aid and cpr
Basic Boxing Coaching

How Will PT Kat Help You?

Kat likes to make sure his clients are involved in their fitness journey, not only in the physical exercise elements but also educating them on why they are following a particular exercise and workout plan.

He will track and monitor your progress carefully, making corrections where needed to ensure you stay on track.

Being passionate about health and fitness creates a strong desire for Kat to help others. He sees your goals as his goals are is there as a motivational trainer on every step of your journey to a fitter and healthier you.

Kat has developed a unique set of principles that he includes in all his training programs:

  1. Aerobic capacity/cardiovascular endurance
  2. Body structure
  3. Body balance
  4. Body flexibility
  5. Body strength
  6. Muscular endurance

Kat’s program and training is tailored around the six elements of fitness.

As you train, Kat is always monitoring the progression of all the six elements of fitness which will guarantee improved overall fitness levels.

For each of his clients on the first days of the PT program he works on poster corrections and traits, mobility and flexibility, introduction to basic movements. This sort of arrangement enables Kat to prepare his clients from zero to top form which is a major key to long term achievement.

When training with Kat there is also 24 hrs support and motivation throughout WhatsApp and Instagram.

Additional Information

Training & Exercise Methods Used

Kat uses a variety of training methods in his programs to ensure you achieve great success, these include:


  • Cardio fitness workouts
  • Flexibility & mobility training
  • Core workouts for stability
  • Boxing for fitness
  • Strength training
  • Muscular development
  • Bodybuilding & body transformation



Exercise & Training Kit I Use

  • Free weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Battle rope
  • Slam, medicine and wall balls
  • Resistance machine
  • Resistance Bands
  • Trx

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice?

Kat will provide advice on proper eating patterns and how to measure portions of food per meal.

He will also teach his clients on how to track there caloric intake, teach his clients the eat well principles which has guidelines on how to have a balance diet which enables them to acquire essential food values for proper body functioning.

Do I Need Exercise Equipment?

Kat can provide the necessary equipment when you train at home.

Can You Train At My Gym?

If your gym in Dubai allows access to freelance personal trainers you can train there. Otherwise other locations are available including public access gyms, your home, your building gym, training at the beach and outdoors.

Contact Coach Kat Ibrahim

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