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As a REPS qualified fitness coach Enver has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure your training goals are achievable. He can help with weight and fat loss programs, body toning, muscle building and strength training.

Muscle Building Personal Trainer in Dubai - Enver
Personal Trainer location: UAE
City: Dubai

About Dubai PT Enver Johns

Looking for personal trainer in Dubai to help you build a great physique? Coach Enver can help with weight and fat loss, increased strength and generally making you feel in great shape.

With an impressive 15+ years of coaching experience Enver is a professional coach who knows what it takes to get in shape and stay in great shape.

He has worked with many different client types, some complete beginners and other who are considered advanced trainees.

His approach to training will ensure you get great results from a combination of workouts and proper nutrition.

Maintenance forms a large part of Enver’s training programs too. This means he will educate you in the best fitness methods to stay in great shape in the long term.

Whether you simply want to lose weight and tone up or you want to bulk up and maximise the size of your muscles he can help.


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Enver's PT Qualifications & Certificates

International Diploma in Exercise Science (HFPA)
REPS level 3 Personal Training Certification - R0099392
International Personal Training Certificate (ACE)

How Will PT Enver Help You?

Enver’s goal is your goal. Using his experience and knowledge of fitness and training he will create a customised program which is designed on a one to one basis. This means he will target your personal training sessions in Dubai specifically for your goals. Whether that’s fat loss and body toning or improving your fitness levels through cardio workouts and boxing for fitness.

He is well qualified to work with different training techniques and different items of training equipment – he instinctively knows the best methods to get results based on your weight, your body type and your lifestyle.

Being a professional Enver believes that knowing why you are doing a particular exercise is just as important as doing it. Correct posture and form are always at the heart of his training plans, ensuring the risk of injury is reduced.

If you have a goal and need help achieving it get in touch with Enver for a consultation.

Additional Information

Training & Exercise Methods Used

Enver is an expert in personal and group fitness. Some of the exercise techniques he regularly uses to ensure maximum results include:


  • Bodybuilding Workouts
  • Boxing For Cardio Fitness
  • Sports Specific Training Methods
  • Exercise For Pre and Post Natal Ladies in Dubai
  • HIIT Cardio
  • Weight & Strength Training

Exercise & Training Kit I Use

As part of your PT program Enver will use a combination of training kit:


  • Free Weights
  • Weight Training Machines
  • Kettlebells
  • Battle Rope
  • Resistance Bands
  • TRX
  • Medicine Ball
  • BodyWeight

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice?

As part of your PT package Enver will provide nutrition and diet advice to match your needs.

Do I Need Exercise Equipment?

If you choose to train at home in Dubai Enver can provide a range of exercise and workout equipment. Alternatively you can train at other locations.

Can You Train At My Gym?

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