Doha Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Ahmad

Personal Training Programs For Weight Loss, Body Transformation, Cardio Fitness & Nutrition

Ahmad is a fully qualified personal trainer in Doha, Qatar who can help his clients with body transformation, weight management, muscle building, strength and cardio fitness. Training programs are available for men and women.

Doha Personal Trainer Ahmad
Personal Trainer location: Qatar
City: Doha

About Doha Personal Trainer Ahmad

Ahmad is a Jordanian Personal Trainer based in Doha, Qatar.

During his career as a personal trainer he has helped many clients lose weight, gain weight, build muscle and strength and improve their cardio fitness.

He provides customised training programs based on his clients needs and goals and will closely monitor and track your progress to ensure you get great results and stay on track.

Whether you are completely new to fitness or want to push yourself harder Ahmad knows that with a great training program, support from a professional coach and self-determination you can reach and exceed all of your fitness goals in Doha.

Training and fitness coaching can be provided at home in Doha, outdoors, your building gym and other locations.

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Ahmad's PT Qualifications & Certificates

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How Will PT Ahmad Help You?

Whether you struggle with your weight or want to build a more defined body coach Ahmad can help.

In Doha he helps his male and female clients loose weight, gain weight, gain muscle and strength.

As an expert in fitness Ahmad knows that it takes time and dedication to reach your goals. He will coach you on the right way to exercise and traing to ensure you get the best results and also reduce the risk of injuring yourself.

As part of his training programs in Doha he also provides specialist nutrition advice. Teaching you that when you train and eat well you can reach all of your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice?

Ahmad will provide diet plans to his clients based on their lifestyle and fitness goals. He will teach you how nutrition when combined with exercise can help you lose weight, gain weight and manage your weight for the long term.

Do I Need Exercise Equipment?

If you train at home in Doha no training equipment is required.

Can You Train At My Gym?

If your gym allows you to use a freelance personal trainer in Doha you can train with Ahmad there. Otherwise there are other training locations including your home, your building gym and also outdoors.

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