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Body Transformation And Cardio Fitness Programs - Weight Loss & Sports Fitness

Personalised fitness programs to help you lose weight, improve your physique and work on sports fitness. Christophe can work with men, women and children at home, online or at your gym in Abu Dhabi.

Personal Trainer & Sports Fitness Coaching In Abu Dhabi With PT Christophe
Personal Trainer location: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi

About Abu Dhabi PT Christophe

Born in Lebanon and now working in the UAE Christophe can provide professional home or gym personal training services for men, women and children in Abu Dhabi.

Having worked with clients with different needs and fitness goals means Christophe has the experience and knowledge you need to make positive changes to your health and fitness.

He will create customised online personal coaching programs for weight management, overall body toning, muscle building, sports fitness and more. He is also experienced in working with children.

Christophe has experience in pre and post natal exercise too. Ideal for ladies in Abu Dhabi who want to stay in shape during their pregnancy and get back in to shape after having a baby.

Personal Training and fitness at home in Abu Dhabi is ideal for busy people who want to train at their own pace and in their own home.

For Christophe fitness is a lifestyle and this is demonstrated in his passion for helping people. He strongly believes that exercise is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle choice.

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Christophe's PT Qualifications & Certificates

Personal Training Certificate
Strength and Conditioning Certificate
Nutritional Advice Certificate

How Will PT Christophe Help You?

Weight loss training programs and fat loss for body toning are specialist areas that Christophe excels in. Using his experience and knowledge of nutrition and weight loss training means you will soon start to see and feel results.

As well as weight and fat loss coaching Christophe will train with you to build an improved physique working on all major muscle groups. Bigger arms and chest if that is your aim or more toned and sculpted stomach muscles if that’s your goal.

Christophe will provide ongoing online monitoring of your progress too.

For a free online consultation about your fitness goals in Abu Dhabi contact Christophe for further advice.

Additional Information

Training & Exercise Methods Used

When training at home, online or at the gym in Abu Dhabi Christophe will use a variety of equipment suited to your needs and fitness goals:


  • TRX
  • Barbells
  • Balance and Plank
  • Machines
  • Circuit training
  • Free weights
  • Heavy weights

Exercise & Training Kit I Use

The types of training and exercise methods used in Christophe's workouts depends on his clients needs. Your goals and the best methods to use are always important:


  • Resistance training
  • Weight training
  • Swimming for fitness
  • Body toning workouts
  • Core stability & strengthening
  • Crossfit
  • Studio cycling (spin)
  • Flexibility exercises
  • HIIT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice?

Yes, because diet and proper nutrition are an important part of your personal fitness goals Christophe can create a personalised diet and nutrition plan too.

Do I Need Exercise Equipment?

Although you don't need any special equipment to train at home, online or in the gym in Abu Dhabi Christophe can provide advice about smaller items of exercise equipment that might be useful.

Can You Train At My Gym?

If you are allowed to train in your gym in Abu Dhabi with a freelance personal trainer Christophe can workout with you there. Otherwise you can train at home, online or even outdoors.

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